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IRS Facts

The IRS "Agents" have all been working for a private trust fund in Puerto Rico run by members of the Dominican Order (not the much-maligned Jesuits) under the Spanish Law of the Inquisition collecting Church Tithes called "Peter's Pence"---purportedly in the form of "gift and estate taxes. All IRS-generated Notices of Tax Lien and Notices of Tax Levy are unenforceable and do not constitute Notice, as the IRS has no powers of distraint. Actual Legal Notice must be posted and addressed to you by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms --- and all of you who have received such phony "Notices" of liens and levies from the IRS have firm grounds to go after them and their officers and agents, plus the recording offices and banks and courts that have allowed them to use these phony "Notices" as part of any legal process.

The Internal Revenue Service employed by the Territorial Government spells its name out in full, while the IRS employed by the Municipal Government uses abbreviated alphabet soup code: IRS. They both work for the same Master and play both ends against the middle. Subtle, indeed. A deceit known to the players, designed to keep the victims confused throughout, set up so that if the IRS doesn't get you, the Internal Revenue Service will, and neither one of them have the least little bit of authority to address you at all. They are just running a racketeering scheme on your shores under color of law and claiming that you owe them for this service. And you are doing what? Sitting in your living room, in your Laz-E-Boy recliner thinking --- "Rubbish! That can't be so!" --- but it is the truth, nonetheless, and the longer you sit there not believing it (and therefore doing nothing about it) the worse it gets. The privateers operating the offshore blockade against the Confederacy simply came ashore after the Civil War ended and went to work for BOTH sides of the non-existent conflict. I say, "nonexistent" because both sides were ultimately employed by the same man, Pope Pius IX. All that blood, all that waste, all master-minded and created by one of our own dear Federal Subcontractors, playing a little two-fisted game with himself at the expense of his Allies and Employers and Parishioners, too. And they were getting ready to do it again.

For all those who need to know, this is what the IRS is and what it does and who it does it for--- I quote Pao L. Chang for convenience’s sake: "The Internal Revenue Service is considered to be a Bureau of the Department of the Treasury; however, like the Federal Reserve, it is not part of the Federal Government. (Diversified Metal Products v. IRS, et al., CV-93-405E- EJE - U.S.D.C.D.I; Public Law 94-564, Senate Report 94-1148, page 5967; Reorganization Plan No. 26; Public Law 102-391---and is in fact incorporated in Delaware ...." ("Internal Revenue Service" was incorporated in 1925, the Municipal "IRS" was incorporated in 1933.) "It is pointed out that all official Federal Government mail is sent postage-free because of the franking privilege; however, the IRS has to pay their own postage, which [again] indicates that they are not a government entity." "They [the Internal Revenue Service/IRS] are in fact a collection agency for the Federal Reserve, because they do not collect any taxes for the U.S. Treasury. All funds collected [by the IRS working under color of law "as" a Treasury "Bureau" and collecting funds under false pretense as the funds are collected under what appears to be a Treasury presentment] are turned over to the Federal Reserve. If you have ever sent a check to the IRS, you will find that it was endorsed over to the Federal Reserve." "The Federal Reserve, in turn, deposits the money with the International Monetary Fund, an Agency of the United Nations (Black's Law Dictionary, 6th Edition, page 816.) where it is filtered down to the International Development Association (see Treasury Delegation Order No. 91) which is part of the "International Bank for Reconstruction and Development" --- commonly known now as the World Bank." Bottom line --- the so-called "Internal Revenue Service" is not now and never has been a part of our government and has been deceitfully misrepresented as such by our British Territorial and Municipal United States subcontractors.

But I digress. Here is the meat of the story, and I cannot take credit for assembling it in this fashion though I have often enough discussed individual cases--- a compilation of all the United States Supreme Court Cases that have overturned and exposed the venal nature of "the Internal Revenue Service"--- first presented by the Freedom Law School at its historic "Hearing on Taxation" held in Washington, DC over a decade ago: (here are at least 20 US SUPREME COURT CASES FOR FACTS) 1. Brushaber v. Union Pacific R.Co., 240 U. S, 1.11 (1916) 2. Maxwell v. Dow, 176 U.S. 581,20 S.Ct. 448 (1900) 3. Texas v. White, 7 Wall. 700; U.S. v. Cathcart, 25 F.Case No. 14,756 4. Stanton v. Baltic Minning Company 240 U.S. 103, 112 (1919) 5. Bowers v Kerbaugh-Empire 271 U.S. 170, 174,174 (1926); In re Charge to Grand Jury, 30 F. Case No. 18,273 (65 C.J. Section 2) -- not known to be overturned. NOTICE OF DISHONOR: 06/15/2017 Page 6 of 9. 6. Peck v Lowe 247 U.S.165, 173 (1918) 7. Doyle v Mitchell Bros. 247 U. S. 179,183 (1918) 8. Eisner v Macomber 252 U. S. 179, 183 (1918) 9. Evans v Gore 253 U.S. 245(1920) 10. Flint v Stone Tracy Co. 220 U.S. 107, 144,151-152, 165,55 S L.ed. 107419 Sup CCL Rep 342, Ann Cas. 1912B 1312(1911) 11. Merchants Loan And Trust Co. v. Smietanka, 255 U.S. 509519 (1921) 12. Helvering v Edison Brothers' Stone, 8th Cir. 133 F2d 575 (1943) 13. Southern Pacific v Lowe 247 U.S. 330, 335 (1918): Art 1, Sec. 8, Cl17 And Art.IV, Sec. 3 CL 2: Art. 1 Sec. 8 Cl. 17: Art. IV Sec. 3 Cl. 15 USC 1681h: 28 U.S.C. 1333 or 1337: False Claims Act, see 31 U.S.C. 3729(a)(7) 14. UNITED STATES v MERKSKY 361 U.S. 431, 438(1960) 15. CALIFORNIA BANKERS ASSN. v SCHULZ 419 U.S.21, 26 (1974) 16. FEDERAL CROP INSURANCE CORP v. Merrill, 332 U.S. 380,384 (1947) 17. Utah Power & Light Co v. United States, 391 18. United States v. Stewart, 108 re Floyd Acceptance, 7: Wall 666; Article 1 Sec.2: Art. 1 Sec.9 19. Knowlton v Moore, 178 U.S. 41, 47(1900); 19 CFR 351, 102 20. Butcher's Union Co. v Cresent City Co. 111 U.S. 746, 756 (1884) along with plenty more.

At this time, Defense presented one of the arguments provided by Long's Research Foundation studies. They read to the jury the Mission Statement of the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, which states that the income tax relies upon “VOLUNTARY COMPLIANCE” and a quote from the head of the Alcohol Tobacco Tax Division of the IRS, WHICH, IN ESSENCE, SHOWED THAT THE INCOME TAX IS 100% VOLUNTARY, AS OPPOSED TO THE ALCOHOL TAX, WHICH IS 100% ENFORCED. NOTICE OF DISHONOR: 06/15/2017 Page 7 of 9. In 1965 The United States Supreme Court traced the IRS back to the Civil War (as we did, also) and found no legislative Act Of Congress lawfully establishing the IRS as a Federal agency, department or anything else. It’s simply a third-party debt collector, (collector of WHO?) No one or Nothing on the shores of the united States of America. All "income" is a corporate profit accrual that has nothing to do with your small business or private earnings at all. You have to be set up as a corporation --- think: Articles of Incorporation, Board Members, Officers, Shareholders, etc.--- before you even have "income".

Here are these IRS auditors and agents coming in to examine the books of JOHNNY WALKER, INC. They think you are running a corporation. They are convinced that your earnings are corporate "income". Moreover, because you are supposedly getting this income from shady sources and regulated activities, they are already pre-disposed to think of you as some questionable, shady character, too. And you walk in, innocent of the flowers in April, having no idea what is going on, no idea what they are seeing or thinking based on the (false) information they have been given, and you have conversations that make no sense at all. You, of course, are talking about money that you earned running your own small business or working at a job, and they are talking about corporate income. And because nobody involved realizes that there is this gargantuan impersonation fraud involved, it stands. The IRS Agents come in like they are fighting the Whiskey Rebellion and you are left standing there, still clueless, hat in hand. You are free to explain that for you, a non-citizen, non-Federal Employee, payment of federal taxes is voluntary and you are choosing not to volunteer.

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