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Criminal Defense Paralegals

Reliable Criminal Defense Paralegal Assistance Firm


Are you accused of a criminal offense? When you are fighting a criminal case, the time is too short to prepare everything. E. MITCHEL & ASSOCIATES is a paralegal team who will help stay on fast track all the time.


Our Goal


E. MITCHEL & ASSOCIATES is a team of trained and certified research professionals. Our goal is to restore lawful comprehension and knowledge. We aspire to make it easier for you and your attorney to build a strong case in your favor.

We encourage you to ‘shop around’ and interview other criminal defense Paralegals. We are confident that at the end of the day you will choose E. MITCHEL & ASSOCIATES as your criminal defense Paralegals, because of our experience and reasonable cost. Very few Paralegals have our combined experience and resources to prepare your documents for a favorable outcome. We are available to take your call.



How Will We Assist You? 


At E. MITCHEL & ASSOCIATES, we help defendants and criminal law firms build cases. Some of our expertise includes:


  • Administrative tasks

  • Case management

  • Drafting

  • Communicating with prisons and probation personnel

  • Liaison between the criminal defense firm, defendant, and witness

  • Preparation of documents, answers, and motions

  • Collection of necessary instructions for the defendant forms

  • Collecting all the important information before the next court date

  • Preparing professional and criminal defense.


In addition to the task mentioned above, we can also take on tasks unique to criminal law and the justice system. 


Your Data is Safe with Us


Our team takes reasonable and necessary steps to protect your data. We use the latest collaboration tools and technology with extra cyber security features. Moreover, all incoming and outgoing documents are scanned by Antiviruses for viruses or other threats. Our firm takes all the precautions to ensure no data breach. 


Our Customized Payment Structure


At E. MITCHEL & ASSOCIATES, we make it easy for our incarcerated and non-incarcerated clients to pay for the services. You can pay via our 0% interest payment plan or in full. Our payment structure is reasonable, fair, and affordable. 


The first payment will be due after you sign a contractual employment agreement. The following payment cycle will be after 30 days until all the financial obligations are met. 


You can choose automatic payment options with a PayPal account, debit or credit card. 

What Does E. MITCHEL & ASSOCIATES Charge for Legal Document Service?

Please give us a call at (817) 881-5543 or fill out the Information portion on the “Contact Us” tab to make an appointment to discuss the details of your case and the appropriate cost. We wish we could put a price list on our webpage like you can for some products, but legal (document) services done professionally do not have a cookie-cutter solution.

We believe our costs are reasonable for the client's service, experience, judgment, and ability. We provide great value for the money.

You do not get some associates learning the law on your case. You will have a Firm that is Certified in Criminal Law helping you with your legal documents.

For a certain fee as written in our contract, you receive personalized service from one of our trained associates, and further assistance from others on an as-needed basis if your case is particularly time-consuming.

We intentionally do not have a big-advertising, high-volume practice. Clients who choose us are paying for personal attention and expertise for their cases.

The specialized fit for your type of situation combined with good communication tends to make you happier with your choice of service.

Be careful about trying to find the cheapest firm to prepare your documents. Often the reason for unusually low cost is a lack of experience. Or that they charge an additional amount for each charge(s). Or they handle mass numbers of cases and do not give your case the personal attention it should require.

Be sure to get your service agreement in writing, and make sure it is thorough, with no hidden surprises. Sometimes, our clients are surprised that the quote is smaller than they thought it would be, but we really do try to provide good value and charge an amount that represents the effort and expertise needed to prepare the correct documents for your case.

Payment Terms

Please call (817) 881-5543 to set up a time for a free initial discussion with us. We understand that people typically do not budget for unexpected legal events. Do not delay.

A Helping Guide


At E. MITCHEL & ASSOCIATES, we have a knowledge of how criminal defense law firms, the justice system, its procedures, and how the court works.


Connect with our paralegal team at 817-881-5543. You can also write to us at

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