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A Competent Civil Litigation Assistance Firm


Civil lawsuits are typical cases of plaintiffs and defendants that are fought by civil litigation. A legal dispute between two or more parties pursuing monetary damages or a specific arrangement. A key point to remember here is that they are not criminal accusations. 


A few civil rights violation cases may reach trial, but not every case will. Some are settled out of the court where the competent team of E. MITCHEL & ASSOCIATES will come to your rescue. We are a paralegal firm that will make a significant difference. We create documents for filing and assist clients in their legal matters. 


Who Are We?


E. MITCHEL & ASSOCIATES is a qualified team of paralegals who are at the forefront of Professional Research Studies. Our curriculum of study is second to none. We assist our clients with legal battles with integrity and confidence. Our team employs their knowledge and effort to offer our clients promising and favorable results. We interpret and inform about the changes that occur lawfully and legally. 


We primarily focus on clients handling child support issues, notices and citations, civil rights violations, mortgage frauds, common law rights, traffic tickets, UCC fillings, security agreements, and harassing bill collectors. 


When Do You Need Us?


There are numerous reasons to reach out to E. Mitchel and Associates:


  • UCC Filings

  • Documents

  • Criminal 

  • Mortgage Fraud 


The reasons you pursue a paralegal firm may vary. We will help you determine and comprehend the appropriate filings to each client’s particular case matter.


How Will We Help You? 


We will coordinate tasks that must be completed before, during, and after the trial. Our team is trained and has expertise in releasing, mitigating, and exonerating our clients from their existing unconstitutional obligations. 


At E. MITCHEL & ASSOCIATES, our primary focus includes:


  • Actual Innocence

  • Identification of loopholes in your case

  • Motion to Correct Unlawful Sentencing

  • Child Support Issues (Current, Past or Present & Arrears) 

  • Harassing Bill Collectors.

  • UCC filing

  • Mortgage Fraud "foreclosure." 

  • Real Estate Debt

  • IRS Fraud-Past arrears

  • Liens


  • Litigation Preparation


We Are Here For You!


E. MITCHEL & ASSOCIATES prioritizes the well-being of our clients. You can call us at 817-881-5543 or write to us at

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