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A Paralegal Firm at Your Assistance


American Judicial System can be overwhelming and fearful. It can be due to a shortage of knowledge and understanding of the legal system. Reach out to the experts at E. MITCHEL & ASSOCIATES for the same.


E. MITCHEL & ASSOCIATES is a team of trained and certified research professionals, Paralegals. Our mission is to restore the people to sovereignty through comprehension and knowledge. It will arm you with the virtue to take judicial and political power. We aim to release and exonerate our clients from their existing unconstitutional obligations. 


Our Services


  • Property Owner Association Laws


The Property Owner Association is a governing body that encompasses COAs and HOAs. It is the association of property owners for townhomes, cooperatives, condominiums, residential subdivisions, and other residential dwellings. 


  • Homeowners Association Laws


The Homeowners Association Law pertains to creating and enforcing organizations and their rule that manage community associations. It assists in maintaining their value and appearance. 


  • Education Law Association


The Education Law Association offers neutral information regarding the present legal problems that can impact education and people related to education in the public and private sectors. 


  • Law Enforcement Association


Law Enforcement Association compromises if agencies and employees are responsible for enforcing laws, managing public safety, and maintaining public order. Their primary duty is to investigate, apprehend and detain individuals suspected of criminal defense. 


  • Business Associations Law


Business Associations are formed and governed majorly under state law. Their primary responsibility is to facilitate cooperation and resolve conflicts.


  • Child Support Arrears


Child Support Arrears are past-due or unpaid support. They result from failure to pay current child support established by an existing child support order. It can be evaluated when order is specified to account for the time that support should have been paid. 


  • UCC Uniform Commercial Code


UCC Uniform Commercial Code is a comprehensive set of laws that governs all commercial transactions in the United States. It is a uniformly adopted stated law crucial for interstate business transactions. 


  • Litigation Attorney in Texas


The Litigation Attorney in Texas is a lawyer that will defend you in civil lawsuits. They seek financial compensation for clients. When working with a defendant, they strive to settle the case without the client having to pay or pay the lowest amount. 




At E. MITCHEL & ASSOCIATES, we are a team of certified research professionals, Paralegals to present you with facts for informational purposes. 

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