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E. Mitchel & Associates, LLC are at the forefront of Professional Research Studies. We have a curriculum of study that is second to none. We are prepared to handle any battle within the (Legal) system with confidence and integrity. Our team has personally experience Child Support, Traffic Citation, False Imprisonment, all within what we call THE LEGAL JUSTICE SYSTEM. Members of the administration have a combined 18 years of dedicated research in the areas of education, Real Estate, IRS fraud, Criminal, and Civil cases. We have proven to offer all our clients favorable and promising results. We interpret and inform our clients about the changes that occur both legally and lawfully.

E. Mitchel & Associates, LLC has professionally trained members with the expertise to release, Mitigate, and exonerate clients from their current unconstitutional obligations. We offer Actual Innocence, Nunc Pro Tunc, Identification of loopholes in your case, and Motion to Correct Unlawful Sentencing, Child Support Issues, (Current, Past or Present & Arrears) along with Harassing Bill Collectors. For individuals residing in the so-called “Free World”, we offer UCC filing, Mortgage Fraud “foreclosure” Real Estate Debt, IRS Fraud-Past arrears, liens, NODs. Our Clients are our primary focus.

E. Mitchel & Associates makes it easy for the incarcerated and non-incarcerated clients to pay for services. Clients have the option to pay in full or with our 0% interest payment plan. First payment is due after signing a contractual employment agreement with the follow payments to follow 30 days thereafter until the financial obligation has been satisfied.


Clients can select automatic payment options with a credit card, checking and savings accounts. Our clients have found our fees to be very affordable, fair and reasonable.


The Paralegals of E. MITCHEL & ASSOCIATES have years of knowledge and experience in servicing clients with form services in such areas s Child Support, Foreclosures Prevention, Notices, Citations, Pre-Trial Writ of Habeas Corpus (Detainee(s) Release – Texas Only), Affidavits of Truth, UCC Financing Statement, UCC Security Agreement, just to site a few.  Our Paralegals do not use “Legalese”,  a form of English that attaches secret meanings to common words with the sole purpose of stopping you from understanding what (they) are saying, and has nothing to do with the normal meaning in the English language. Our Research Professionals, fortunately have been given just a bit of information: NEVER ARGUE THE FACTS [LEGAL MAXIM: “ARGUMENTS ARE FOR FOOLS”]. Our forms and letters supply services to our clients that provides lawful remedies and the Reservation of Rights.


If a refund of any monies outside of the non-refundable deposit amount is requested by client, E. MITCHEL & ASSOCIATES shall repay client owed amount deemed reasonable by E. MITCHEL & ASSOCIATES, however, the process will require ten (10) business days for us to conduct a final accounting of the case and to issue any refunds owed to Client.



Please note that this advisement does not provide you with legal advice, but instead legal educational information. We, E. MITCHEL & ASSOCIATES, are Paralegals, Certified Research Professionals. If you want legal advice, then you should consult a lawyer.

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