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Police Custody

One hundred percent (100%) of the people sentence and held  in all American jails have either been convicted of crimes that are not positive law or were convicted of civil crimes, and are being detained by their consent. That's Right. The lawyers and judges representing our legislature and judicial system; created maneuvers to ensure that anyone who is accused of a so-called crime, and post bail, signs a contract to appear, and consent by that contract to the proceeding schedule.

Anyone who applies for a public defender, signs the same contract without knowing it, and anyone who privately hires a lawyer to represent them in a Court proceeding, consents to the same contract upon the lawyer filing a "Notice of Appearance." When you hire a lawyer, you sign a power of attorney. He is required to file his "Notice of Appearance" in that case and that "Notice of Appearance" offers your consent and binds your appearance to the proceedings.

Absent these aforementioned contracts; the court cannot proceed against you. When that occurs; the judge and the prosecutor, attempt to trick and intimidate you and to giving your consent. If you know how to invoke your private rights, and refuse to accept what they throw at you and stand your ground, they will be forced to release you. Especially it there is no victim. 

When a prosecuting attorney brings a cause of action to court accusing some poor soul with a crime in the secret maritime jurisdiction, he (or at least his client) needs standing to sue.  All cases in law, equity, admiralty or maritime, are now classified as “civil actions”.  Civil maritime and admiralty actions require a contract between the plaintiff and defendant for the plaintiff to have standing to sue.  For the plaintiff to have standing and for the court to have jurisdiction of the subject matter, there must be inexistent a bona fide contract binding the accused into the criminal maritime jurisdiction and the lawyer had better be able to get it properly into evidence. This is the foundation of the venue jurisdiction and the subject matter jurisdiction of the court. Under the doctrine of “clean hands ”, relief will not be granted to a party, who has an actor , seeks to set the judicial machinery in motion and obtain some remedy, if such party in prior conduct has violated conscious or good faith or other equitable relief. One seeking relief  cannot take advantage of one’s own wrongdoing.


The plaintiff’s attorney (prosecutor) is representing the STATE OF TEXAS, or the UNITED STATES, both corporations.  If you don’t believe the STATE OF TEXAS is a corporation, look up Article XI, Section 1 in the Texas Constitution; it is all clear enough. [The several counties of this State are hereby recognized as legal subdivisions of the State.]  If you don’t believe that the UNITED STATES is a corporation, it is right there in Title 28 USC 3002 (15) (A).  The prosecuting attorney is representing a Corporation, a fictitious plaintiff, and bringing a maritime claim on the presumption that a maritime contract exists between the STATE OF TEXAS and the defendant, or more correctly, the ignorant victim. The ignorant victim does not know that this presumption even exists, does not know that the cause of action cannot be in the common law because a crime in law requires a corpus delecti, that is to say, the body of the crime or an injured party, and a Corporation cannot be the body of the crime or injured party because it is artificial, a fiction. Trust the author on this, there is plenty of well settled authority, but it will not be cited here in the interest of brevity while covering the essentials. Because of constant government indoctrination and the lasting effects of cognitive dissidence, the fact that the cause is of a maritime nature is beyond the poor victim’s comprehension.  The ocean is a long way from Kansas, Dorothy!  So how could the accused victim of an alleged offense committed on land end up in a maritime court and be bound to a presumed maritime contract?


The attorneys for the plaintiff are prosecuting the suit in maritime jurisdiction without evidence entered into the record of the contract binding the petitioner to the maritime law. Without such contract the trial court is woolly and what of subject matter jurisdiction and venue jurisdiction. The doctrine of “unclean hands” applies to the attorneys for the plaintiff.


Most people don't have the financial resources with which to bribe the members of the bar, so they languish years in prison while the lawyers take what little property they had, plus a bonus from the state for their “services”. When you go into a court accused of a “crime ,” and are inclined to hire a lawyer or accept a court appointed lawyer to help you out, remember that the lawyer is being paid by the STATE Ann is licensed by the STATE, the judge is licensed and paid by the STATE, the jury is licensed and paid by the STATE ( they at least have drivers licenses, don't they?), the prosecutor is licensed and paid by the STATE. If the judge orders a psychological evaluation to determine if you are competent to stand trial, the psychobabelist He is also licensed and paid by the STATE. The cop that accused you and who will testify against you is licensed and paid by the state. If you are tried and sentence to death, the cleric who comes to pray for your miserable soul before the execution is licensed and paid by the STATE. The guy who sticks the needle in your arm for euthanasia Is licensed and paid by the state. After they inject you with poison, the doctor that pronounces you dead is licensed and paid by the STATE. Could there be a hint of conflict of interest here? if the reader has ever had any experience with the modern criminal injustice system, the term “contempt of court” has taken on a whole new meaning for him.


The lawyers fill the prisons with people who have injured no one but are convicted of statutory crime of a maritime jurisdiction. Prisons are filled with people whose only “crime” was to be in possession of a substance that they, the lawyers, have declared to be illegal. Good parents are separated from their children for attempting to discipline them, or because of divorce. Fathers are in prisons because they cannot pay the court ordered child support; it is blatantly imprisonment for debt. People are imprisoned for exercising their presumed right to keep and bear arms. People are routinely thrown in jail for non-jailable traffic offenses and the Supreme Court in Atwater v. City of Lago Vista,  #99-1408, (Apr. 24, 2001) has said it is OK.


People are jailed every day for such heinous offenses as not wearing a seat belt or not paying a “motor vehicle” registration fee. America, the land of the slave and the home of the fee, has more people in prison and more people on death row than any other country in the world, and new prisons are being built every day. And in order to keep these new prisons filled beyond capacity, the various lawyer control legislatures are busy enacting more and more new statutory maritime crimes.  Woe be unto you if you don’t pay a tax that is presumed to be due.  If you don’t pay, the zealous advocates of injustice will drag you into their secret maritime jurisdiction on the presumption of a tax debt and steal your bank account, your car, your home, and anything else they can find.  You may even go to prison.  If you resist too much or know too much, they send their minions the police, to assassinate you in broad daylight with impunity. Legal Maxim: "He who fails to assert his rights has none." The Paralegals at E.MITCHEL & ASSOCIATES has your lawful remedy.

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