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OK, so you are now seated in the enemy's camp. You are probably sitting across from a person representing the Bank, the Escrow Company, the Title Company for the Loan Company. Someone who is a Notary. He or She brings out a stack of papers for you to sign. You're actually supposed to read them first. But usually the person across from you just once to get through the process as quickly as possible and gives you a brief description of what you are about to sign. After seeing, initialing, and signing dozens of different papers including, disclosure statements, waivers, settlement statements, HUD documents, and many other papers you come to what is term a promissory note, or adjustable rate mortgage note, or any number of papers ending with the word Note and having in it your promise to pay. This document is usually 12 to 18 pages long with paragraph after paragraph the legal jargon that is enough to put any normal person to sleep after the first 2 pages. You are asked to place your initials in at least a dozen places & your name on the last page, just as you would a personal check. In this document are the terms of the alleged loan, as well as the interest rate, and of course what they can do to you if you do not pay it back, or are late in pain the “money” they supposedly lent you . Things like who the servicing company is and that they have the right to sell the loan to another party. It lists who the trustee and beneficiary are in case they have to foreclose on the loan.

They are saying or implying that they will be holding the note and will return it upon payment in full of the loan. There are a lot of things in the document, but even more than that are the things they are not disclosing such as what they are actually going to do with the note once you signed it and have given it to them. This is where the fraud really begins. We use the word allege and talking about money and loans. The fact is that they don't loan you money at all. There has not been any real “money of account” in this country since 1933 when Congress enacted HJ R-192, on June 5th, which remove gold and silver from the business economy of our nation. We are no longer dealing with a money system backed by silver and gold. We are using promissory notes, such as Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs), back by the labor of the land, which is collateral for the bankruptcy of the United States. the promissory note that you sign is a 1 sided contract that when you signed it you give your rights away to the bank in exchange for absolutely nothing. Being a one sided contract (meaning , you were the only one who signed it, the Lender CAN’T sign, because the Lender only exist on paper, he has no arms, legs or soul, don’t believe me, check your contract, the signature HAS to be in wet ink, not a rubber stamp.) gives you the legal option to change that contract if you discover that it is not working in your best interest. The fact is that the promissory note you sign is probably based on “ non-disclosure, ” which voice any contract. Nearly every promissory note written by a bank or finance company is based on deceit.

Some of that deceit is: 1. lack of consideration given in exchange for your promissory note. 2. Non- disclosure of all facts regarding the use of the promissory note and your signature. 3. Non-disclosure of monetizing the promissory note. 4. Non-disclosure of the bank's relationship to the trustee and beneficiary. 5. Non-disclosure of the bank's lack of authority to foreclose.

Without going into a lot a detail we are going to give a brief description of how the banks work when they make loans, end a promissory note and deeds of trust. You can do further research by reading “Modern Money Mechanics” published by the Federal Reserve in Chicago. This is no longer being printed because it gave too much information on how banks create money, but you can access a copy over the Internet. The Chicago FED also published "The Two Faces of Debt” and “Hats the Federal Reserve Wear” which is also available. The Federal Reserve in New York publish “The Story of Checks and Electronic

Payments” and the Federal Reserve in Philadelphia published “A Penny Saved”. Also read “Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin. This book explains how the banking system has been manipulated to enslave The American population. These publications tell exactly how the banks work and it will give you information on how to challenge the loan and the illegal action of the banking community. Different branches of the Federal Reserve print different books so you won't get the entire picture of what is going on in the banking world. Banks act as exchangers, exchanging security interest (promissory note) for Federal Reserve Notes , like exchanging Euros of a particular exchange rate into Dollars of a different exchange rate. Banks are given one form of currency which they exchange for another form. An exception to this illustration is the promissory note. Promissory notes part of the same exchange rate as Federal Reserve Notes. When you want to buy a house (or anything else for that matter) you negotiate a price for the house that you want and go to the bank and ask for a loan with which to buy that house. Many things begin to happen at this point. You will fill a loan application, and present documentation to support your application. Sometimes you pay fees upfront, or later when the fees become part of the alleged loan. you wait and get an approval for a loan on certain conditions established by the bank (and they can be very creative and what they ask of you). You decide to accept those conditions and meet at an attorney's office, or other place (such as an escrow company or title company ) to close the deal by signing the documents involved. The previous hoops the banks made you jump through are nothing but smoke and mirrors design to trick you into thinking that you are actually getting a “loan” rather than making a quid pro quo (equal value for equal value ) exchange. You're not getting a “loan”. You are exchanging one form of security for another form of security. The banking system we use is also being used in Europe. Under this system, the banks (Federal Reserve member banks ) are privately owned business Corporation that do not loan out their depositor's money. When the government needs cash, the Federal Reserve bank buys its Federal Reserve notes from the US Treasury at the cost of printing , paper, and ink, regardless of the denominations of the notes. The Federal Reserve then uses these Federal Reserve notes, that cost the Fed next to nothing to have printed to buy United States bonds from the United States government to be cash back in at later time when they mature. {For your own peace of mind, take a strong magnify glass and hold it up to the signature line on your check, notice it is not a solid line, but words—Authorize Representative.} “we have, in this country, one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve board. This evil institution has impoverished the people of the United States and has practically bankrupted our government. It has done this through the corrupt practices of the money vultures who control it”. -- Congressman Louis T . McFadden in 1932 (Rep. PA). The Paralegals at E.MITCHEL & ASSOCIATES can prevent you from Foreclosure.


Money, by definition, has to have value in and of itself. It is a substitute for other things of value. An ounce of silver for a loaf of bread, a peck of apples, and ten pounds of flour reflects the "exchange rate" and this exchange rate constantly fluctuates even on a local level. In a boom town with a dozen silver mines, the local exchange rate might be five ounces of silver for a loaf of bread, six apples, and forget about the flour. Simple enough. In such a system there are one or two or three "standard commodities" that can be exchanged for all the other commodities that people need. Many of us grew up in a world where the standard commodities were silver and nickel and copper, either in the form of actual coins, or in the form of pieces of paper called "Silver Certificates" that had to be backed with an actual clump of silver on deposit. The problem with commodity-based money is that the moment you choose a commodity to serve as a standard, the market for that commodity goes completely crazy. Speculators rush in and buy up whatever the "money" commodity is, so that supplies of it become very scarce. As a result, workers toil long hours for a piddly little bit of silver or gold or oil or whatever, and the politicians suffer endless carping and griping from their constituents about how hard everything is, and people get a totally skewed idea of what is valuable and what is not, believing that gold and silver (for example) are incredibly precious, based simply on the fact that there isn't enough of the "money commodity" in circulation. To overcome that basic flaw people have tried from time to time to use "legal tender"---that is, "commercial paper" or "fiat money" as money instead. That's what we've been doing whether you know it or not or like it or not since the 1970's. In the current fiat systems, your signature is your bond. Literally. Every time you sign anything--- and I do mean ANYTHING--- you promise to pay it. You don't pay it with anything of value, you just promise to pay it and that is accepted at face value. The receipts in this system are Promissory Notes and it is inevitable (especially when people don't know what they are doing in the first place) that these will be collected and used as collateral backing other debts. I promise to pay you and you then promise of pay George based on my promise to pay you and then George promises to pay Dick based on your promise to pay him and around and around it goes. Nobody actually ever pays anything until some skeptic in the back of the room raises his hand and says......hey, wait a minute......I supposedly got this "home loan" and supposedly received $225,000.00 but nobody ever actually counted the money into my hand. All I got was a check, which is just a transfer of credit already on deposit....but where did that deposit come from? The bank can't loan any of its own funds and can't loan the funds of any of its depositors by law, so......? And that is what is happening now. Millions of Americans are waking up and realizing that the banks conned them--- pretended to give people "home loans" when in fact the Borrower gave the banks the loan: the only thing of value in the whole transaction was the Borrower's signature. That's what the banks deposited and used to fund the check back to the Borrower. That's how this crazy system works. It's all on ticket, but you, the "Maker and Issuer" of all this largesse, are never told a word. If you were, you would cut out the middlemen and all their "services". You would simply act as your own banker, go to the United States Treasury window, and draw out however much credit you needed in whatever form you needed it and owe nothing. Huh? With all these things---commodity money or fiat script--- we are missing the point. None of it has any actual, verifiable, solid, dependable value. Does it matter how much gold you have, if you are starving and there is no food to be bought at any price? Can a piece of paper---any piece of paper --- have actual value? Currency-- whether it is commodity-based or fiat script--- is a tool just like a shovel or a rake or an ax. So you borrow a shovel, a rake, and an ax and you use those tools to build a house. What happens if you bend the shovel, lose two tines off the rake, and break the ax handle in the process? No big deal. Just go buy a new shovel, a new rake, print up some more paper chits. The actual value is you and your energy--- your labor, your skill as a builder, your vision, and the natural resources (which all belong to you, too, at the end of the day)---and the desirable and actual end result of your labor, the house. Not content with having conned you into giving the bank a "negotiable instrument" worth $225,000.00 for free, while pretending to give you a "home loan" in an exactly equal amount, the bank wants your house on top of it. So they do and omit doing a number of things. You sign a "Promissory Note" which is a Bearer Bond. Whoever has that Promissory Note can cash it in, in your name. So that's what the bank does. That's how they get the funds to loan to you in the first place. I have seen thousands of Promissory Notes by now and every single one of them has been endorsed and "cashed" by a bank, just like a check, and the endorsements all carry the same little phrase: "without recourse". That means that your Promissory Note has been cashed without recourse, just like a cancelled check. It lets you off the hook and "impairs" any underlying claim against you or your collateral, but then, a funny thing happens. Having cashed out your Promissory Note without recourse, the bank doesn't return your Promissory Note to you. Instead, these criminals sell your cancelled Promissory Note to investors who then try to trick you into continuing to pay a debt you no longer owe. This is what is going on when a "new mortgage servicing company" contacts you and tells you where to continue sending your mortgage payments. They want you to "assume" the debt (as in "assume that you still owe it") and act as an "accommodation party"---- agreeing to continue paying off a debt that has already been paid. What would you do if someone offered you a cancelled check? You'd say, ah, wait a moment, that check has already been paid. And that is what you would do if you were ever allowed to see the cancelled Promissory Note, too, but of course, the criminals involved in these acts of fraud and deceit never allow that. You don't know that your Promissory Note has been cashed out---after all, you are never told, and the Promissory Note is never returned to you. So, you naturally believe that you still owe the debt, and you continue to pay it --- "voluntarily" donating all those mortgage payments to whatever crime syndicate is holding your cancelled Promissory Note. The bank has also unlawfully converted your "mortgage application" and the mortgage contract into "negotiable instruments" bearing your signature. You will note that nobody representing the bank ever signs any of this paperwork. The only signatures appearing are yours. The first thing the bank does beyond stealing your Promissory Note under conditions of deceit and non-disclosure is to create a conduit loan--- not a home loan---between you and unknown investors, usually money markets or institutional investors, and then they place you in default by never transferring "your" mortgage into a REMIC. This omission on their part means that "you" are always in default from the moment the paperwork is signed no matter what you do or how much you pay or how timely you are about paying. It also means that not only are they NOT providing you with a "home loan", but they are also cheating the institutional investors, too. The banks are playing both ends against the middle. They are bilking you and they are bilking the investors and they are getting away with this because the politicians are both stupid and corrupt in almost equal measures. Even though you unknowingly provided the signatures giving rise to all this graft and criminal activity by the banks, the party presumed to be involved in this matter is a STATE OF__________franchise operated in your NAME out of Puerto Rico. On top of everything else, when you take out a "home loan" you are legally presumed by the banks to be acting as an agent for a foreign grantor trust --- a Cestui Que Vie estate trust--- operated in the name of a civilly dead man who just happens to have the same name as you----and his trust is presumed to be the actual owner of the property you are paying the mortgage on. This is why the name of a Puerto Rican ESTATE trust always appears as the NAME of the DEFENDANT in foreclosure cases. And this is why--- even if and after you pay off "your" mortgage---you never actually own your property, and it is never considered your private property at all. It is always owned and managed by the STATE OF___________ on behalf of one of its franchises. You and your signature are just the vehicle, the siphon, used by these vampires to suck you and the investors dry and you don't even get to enjoy and control your own ESTATE trust. A Clerk of Court appointed by the STATE OF__________ does that. Of course, the STATE OF_____________ wants its franchises' mortgages paid for free, and if you aren't going to do it, well, they will just sell the house you built and the land you worked for right out from under you and appoint the Clerk of Court to take over your unpaid job as agent for the ESTATE they run in YOUR NAME (ALL CAPS- JOHN DOE). We've been sold down the river by corrupt politicians and "governmental services corporations" run by banks. The bankers have had a real field day at our expense. They have stolen us blind, enslaved us for their profit, and used the members of the American Bar Association to put an "appearance" of justice on it, like honey glaze on a pile of dog dung. So, it is time for the American Bar Association to be put out of business--- permanently. And it is time for these banks to be shut down---permanently. It is time for every member of Congress, every judge, every "State" Legislator, every "County Commissioner", every "Regulator", every postmaster, every officer of the Armed Services, and every Sheriff and Police Officer, every banker and every lawyer to get the word: ---"Hey, Felix, did you know that you are involved in a crime syndicate? Did you know that a national identity theft has occurred? Did you know that all the mortgages in America have already been paid off, but these crooks are continuing to bill the people for non-existent debts and to take them to phony corporate courts and steal their private property and bilk investors on the stock market? Did you know that they are using private commercial mercenaries paid for with our taxes to steal us blind? Did you know that they are acting under Color of Law to do all this to you, your friends, and your neighbors?" Oh, and did you know----that you, Felix Leroy Punkt Muller, are receiving your paycheck from me and that you are responsible for cleaning these rat's nests out of our courthouses and shutting down their operations? This isn't a matter of politics. This is crime and conflict of interest, pure and simple, committed against the people of every state in the Union, black and white, rich, and poor, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, Irish, German, Polish, Ohioan, Californian, doesn't matter. We are all in it together and we all have an interest--- a vital interest--- in putting an end to this crime spree.

 The Paralegals of E. MITCHEL & ASSOCIATES has your lawful remedy.

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