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Laws today are called codes because they have been encoded from their original form so that the man on the street will be confused and not understand how to conduct himself and his affairs according to law.

Law is no longer law but a cornucopia of code. The Uniform Commercial Code (the UCC) is the achievement of an uncountable number of dedicated collaborators over thousands of years. The UCC is the culmination of a far-reaching, global plan to obtain absolute, legal, financial, social, political, and ecclesiastical dominion and control over the people of the world – through commerce.

All law is contract. Contract makes the law. To make a contract valid, the consent of the parties must be free, mutual, and communicated. Consent is not real or free when obtained through duress, menace, fraud, undue influence or mistake. The crucial and incurable flaw in all contracts is the absence of full disclosure and a true meeting of the minds - and mutual good faith. This constitutes fraud. Lenders do not disclose the fact that they do not loan out their funds. They do not operate in good faith. They are collection agents on contracts that are deceitfully devised and incomplete. There is usually a genuine agreement between the parties based on truth, in order for a contract to be valid it must be entered into with full disclosure, good faith, and clean hands.

The United States: 1) a name, 2) a (British) territory, 3) a collective term. –Black’s Law dictionary, 6th edition.


Both criminal and financial charges are commercial in nature. In Admiralty, the Military is used to enforce criminal penalties for civil offenses. The money - changers foreclosed on the U.S. government in 1933 and use The US government to prosecute their private commercial interests. We are under military rule by the Commander-in-chief of the military re-presented by the President of the United States.


Under public policy, which is military rule, we can be penalized for an act even when no one is harmed, and no property is damaged. (e.g., for not wearing a seat belt, or for traveling 35 mph in a 30-mph zone).


Under common law each man is in control of his own destiny as long as he does not harm another and thereby form a contract having an obligation. Under common law each man is free to live as he sees fit without interference from government. Under public policy the police power is employed for penalizing behavior (such as thought crimes) in addition to acts and deeds of substance - for the purpose of extorting internal revenue for the state.


When someone violates his own sense of moral rightness, no matter how justified in the eyes of the law, he is weakened under the police power of the state. Therefore, it behooves you to re-assess you alive and begin to use the power of the documents of Redemption-in Law. These documents are based on the power of common law, private property rights, and consensual contracts. They are highly successful in crushing assault on your fiscal integrity had both the lower and higher levels of government in this country. They have changed the course of every proceeding in which they have been introduced. The common law still exists and is in full force, it is just being covered up and ignored. Never forget that your name is your private property. Therefore, learn to guard it well.


The Rules of Law


The rules of law are set forth in writing, syntax, grammar, etc. The way words are legally defined is the basis of the game. What the rules are, and their practical application and ramifications in the use of force today, is a function of the legal definitions of the words that have been used to write the rules. Words used in legal matters have different meanings then the same words in ordinary usage. Do not assume that words mean if you are not sure. In law, assuming some point can result in slavery, imprisonment , or even death. “those who expect to be both ignorant and free are expecting something that will never be.” -- Thomas Jefferson.

There is no substitute for an excellent law dictionary, such as Bouvier’s, Ballentine’s or Black’s. in any case, look up any legal term of which you are not certain. Do not take anything for granted. What you do not know cannot hurt you because you can use your knowledge of the truth too“ be set free.” What you do not know, however, can get you killed. Ignorant is not bliss in law ; it is potential suicide.


The Commercial Process


Notwithstanding the above caveats, commercial law and the Commercial Process are in many ways broad and like normal law. After all, the entire world (courts) functions by the Commercial Process set forth in the UCC. It is important to understand that the Redemption-in-Law process is fundamentally doable by anyone with normal intelligence. Our disaster, thus far, is having done nothing, due to ignorance, laziness, and foolish trust in “authority.” It would be compounding folly to continue to do nothing because of fear. Understand the central points, become clear concerning the foundation of the matter, and build clearly and solidly from that point. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Once help is given, verify the information in the UCC, in law dictionaries, and with other people whom you believe have reason to know. Orderly, step by step progress is the means to obtaining complete legal security for you and yours.

The paralegals at E. MITCHEL & ASSOCIATES can and will assist with forms and documents for our clients to achieve the freedom they so deserve.

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